UC Second Life Project - Web Resources

This page is to help us organize, plan, and develop the various websites we maintain in relation to the UC Second Life project.

EtherPad Classroom Chalkboards

McMicken Classroom A -
McMicken Classroom B - http://etherpad.com/VwRtXFRftL
Sunnyside Hall - http://etherpad.com/eXduHX3Ofe
Wulf Hall - http://etherpad.com/VwRtXFRftL
UC Second Life Project Office - http://etherpad.com/VmTlfwlp3E
UCSL Test Pad - http://etherpad.com/ucDn0wm01S

Web Projects - To Do

Upgraded Website to WP 2.8.6 - December 1, 2009
  • Downloaded and installed from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.8.6.zip
  • Akismet key account ucsllc on Wordpress.com, upgraded Akismet and PageOrder plugins
  • Restored theme and widget files from original install

New UCSLP page

Temporary address at: http://homepages.uc.edu/secondlife2

- Don has installed wordpress on UCFileSpace for us, now working on customizing the installation. Changes so far:
  • Installed "darkzen" theme
  • Installed and activated "My Page Order" plugin
  • Edited "sidebar.php" to remove ads code
  • Edited "header.php" to use custom banner file UCBlogbanner.jpg>
  • Edited "style.css" - STYLING - a: - color #454545
  • Edited "style.css" - ul#navlist li a { - changed font-size to font-size-adjust:100.01% to scale page menu at top
  • Edited "sidebar.php" - Changed hard coded "Popular Articles" title and links
  • Updated footer to include sponsorship and trademark info.

- The UC Second Life Project Wiki is currently our "homepage" for the project, but this is not a very user friendly front page for the public and the wiki format doesn't allow for convenient and timely updates. Don has created a WordPress blog for us to work on, and eventually I'd like to see that transition to our public front page for the project. The blog is currently a default WordPress installation and needs some custom CSS and graphic design work done.
~ Chris 11/10/08