Style Guides for the UC Second Life Project

Style guides provide standard ways to spell or otherwise present information to provide consistency among and between documents. They help us make our presentations more uniform, clear, and professional.

Second Life Specific



Most textures in Second Life should be no larger than 512x512 pixels to speed load time. Except for special circumstances, you should always reduce the file size of the template file to no more than 512x512 when rendering the final JPG or TGA file for uploading into Second Life. This can be done using the "Save for Web.." option in PhotoShop.

When uploading the files to Second Life, be sure to make them FULL PERMISSIONS and name them appropriate to the project or area of campus where the texture will be used:

UCSL_(project tag)_(area or building)_(floor or item)_(name of texture)_(version if needed).JPG or TGA


For a project, the template name should include the project prior to the area/building, like UCSL_POCCENT_fundingbldg_floor2_station1_kiosk.JPG