Point of Care - Center for Emerging NeuroTechnologies (POC-CENT)

Overview: Our Center entitled, “Point-of-Care Center for Emerging NeuroTechnologies (POC-CENT)” is dedicated to the development of technologies that will dramatically improve the care and health of the neurologic patient by providing fast and reliable information about the biological events occurring in this patient population. We are a not-for-profit Center based in the University of Cincinnati, with affiliations with the Mayfield Clinic, The Neuroscience Institute, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Stroke Team. Both the University and Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center currently have over 125 National Institutes of Health funded neuro-related projects, making the Cincinnati neuro community one of the leading regions in the United States for neurologic focused research. The University of Cincinnati is also fortunate to have strong programs for medical device innovation and for the development of entrepreneurial talent. Beyond the strength of our individual programs, we have a long history at the University of Cincinnati of collaborative research that combines translational medical research, cross-disciplinary technology development, advanced clinical practice and innovative entrepreneurship. The strength of our center lies in the interconnection of several existing programs to create a cohesive program that allows us to carry new technologies to new heights.

Phone: (513) 556-7011 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (513) 556-7011 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Website: http://www.ece.uc.edu/POC-CENT/
SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/University%20of%20Cincinnati5/138/136/26
Flickr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/poccent_sl/

Quick Links: POC-CENT Documents and Files
POC-CENT Second Life Schedule

Project Phase 2: POCCENT Simulations

HUD Code: Information about the HUD

POCCENT SL Project Staff

Dr. Fred R. Beyette Jr. (SL:

external image fbeyette.jpg

Assoc. Professor and Center Director

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Cincinnati
P. O. Box 210030, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0030
Phone: (513)556-4588 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (513)556-4588 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Email: beyette@ececs.uc.edu

Prof. Mary Beth Privitera

external image mprivitera.jpg

Asst. Professor and Co-PI

Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
P. O. Box 210048, Cincinnati, OH 45221
Phone: (513)556-0647 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (513)556-0647 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Email: privitmb@uc.edu

Prof. Anita Todd

external image atodd.jpg

Asst. Professor

Professional Practice, University of Cincinnati
P. O. Box 210115, Cincinnati, OH 45221
Phone: (513)556-4636 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (513)556-4636 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Email: anita.todd@uc.edu

Dr. B.J. Zirger

external image zirgerbj

Associate Professor

College of Business, University of Cincinnati
P. O. Box 210165, Cincinnati, OH 45221
Phone: (513)556-7148 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (513)556-7148 end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Email: bj.zirger@uc.edu

Student Co-Ops

Steven Starkey (SL: Steve0 Bombastic)

Second Life Goals:

Develop a virtual representation of POC-CENT to extend the opportunities for outreach and engagement with potential grant recipients. The POC-CENT in Second Life should compliment and enhance the POC-CENT website, but not duplicate the information found there. Rather, the virtual center should take advantage of the unique affordances of Second Life to offer engaging experiences that help better prepare visitors to apply for funding and learn more about POC-CENT.

Preliminary Design Notes:

Orange Hex: #993300
Yellow Hex: #FFCC00


Development Meetings: Doodle Scheduler - http://www.doodle.com/ y9xf45fcr9c7fbdk

September 23, 2009 - Meeting Notes with POC-CENT team

Project Progress:

10/14/2011 - Finished working on the new waves lines. Alex (4hrs)

10/13/2011 - Still working on the new wave lines. Alex (4hrs)

10/11/2011 - Began working on new waves to make them look brighter and bolder. Alex (4hrs)

10/7/2011 - Working on vital waves. Alex (4hrs)

10/6/2011 - Working on vital values and waves. Alex (4hrs)

10/4/2011 - Working on the vital values. Alex (4hrs)

9/30/2011 - Line graphs look much better now. Almost done making the textures with different vital numbers. Alex (5hrs)

9/29/2011 - Modified a script to play smooth animations. Made a better looking line graph animation on the monitor. Alex (4hrs)

09/23/2011 - Finished with the HUD script and started working on the new HUD animations.

09/19/2011 - HUD script and Monitor animation. Alex (4hrs)

09/15/2011 - Working on HUD script. Alex (4hrs).

09/14/2011 - Continuing work on HUD script. ALex (4hrs)

09/13/2011 - Began working on the HUD Script. Alex (2hrs)

09/06/2011 - Nearly finished with the monitor values. Alex (4hrs)

8/12/2011 - Read new scenerio and made various changes within the simulation. Made crash cart in Urgent Care function along side the HUD. Added Patient chart functionality with the chart in the MICU. Made textures for cut scene display and implemented them within the scene including an alpha and color fade in and out. Ringo. (6 hrs)

8/10/2011 - Made it so all of the new displays were collapse-able. Ringo. (1 hr)

8/7/2011 - Finalized the work on the drop down displays and began working on a new patient chart using the Word doc as a template. Ringo. (7 hrs)

8/5/2011 - Made texture for EKG, made the oxygen cord, attached it to the wall and put it around his head. Also began scripting the Hospital Teleport map. Bartleby (4.5 hrs)

8/5/2011 - Testing and refining code. Added more drop down displays for multiple pages of the chart and X-Ray. Also added a large prim that could be used for cut scenes. Ringo. (7 hrs)

8/4/2011 - Made textures for the patient, removed his beard, made him paler, attached ekg pads and attached a CVC. Bartleby (4 hrs)

8/4/2011 - Coded some more of the physician questions to complete the initial run-through of the scenerio. Ringo (6 hrs)

08/04/2011 - Finished with the animated monitor. Alex (5hrs)

08/03/2011 - Made four more working animated textures. Alex (4hrs)

08/02/2011 - Finished making three new test textures that play perfectly. Alex (4hrs)

08/01/2011 - Fixed Fred Beyette's SL on his computer, re-made the hospital maps and put them out in front of the ER, Lobby, MICU, Patient Rooms and CT Scan. Bartleby (3.5 hrs)

08/01/2011 - Working on the new design for the animated texture for the patient chart. Alex (4hrs)

7/30/2011 - Added prompts for Attending Physician questions and made the textures for all of those questions. Made the button operational and working on coding through all of those questions. Ringo. (7 hrs)

7/29/2011 - Incorporated button script and found audio buttons for both of them. Expanded the scope of the HUD to include XRay, Ventilator, and Attending physician display. Made it so only one display would be open at a time and then made the entire HUD collapse-able. Ringo. (5 hrs)

7/28/2011 - Worked on new HUD - graphics and coding for the new buttons. Ringo. (7 hrs)

7/28/2011 - Finished drafts of hospital map for 5 different areas: ER, MICU, Lobby, Patient Rooms, XRay. Bartleby (4 hrs)

07/27/2011 - Continuing to made a good animated texture. Made one that plays well but with normal visuals. Alex (5hrs)

07/26/2011 - Made a first draft for the animated texture. Currently working on second draft. Alex (4hrs)

7/26/2011 - Worked on developing some new textures for the devices in the MICU. Bartleby (3hrs)

7/25/2011 - Put out and retextured mannequins and IV cord. Started drafting "you are here" sign. Bartleby (5 hrs)

7/21/2011 - Finished altering the code for the new HUD and began new Patient Chart. Ringo. (6 hrs)

7/21/2011 - Finished with the ventilator and monitor. Made the doors slide open wider, and made some pressure valves on the wall. Alex (4hrs)

7/20/2011 - Finished redesign of HUD graphically. Ringo. (5.5 hrs)

7/20/2011 - Worked a bit on the ventilator and the wall monitor. Alex (3hrs)

07/19/2011 - Began working on ventilator and monitor. Alex (4hrs)

7/18/2011 - Built IV cord and attached it to the patient. Changed out the nurse models (3 hrs)

7/18/2011 - Spoke with Chris, read new scenerio and began redesign of the HUD. Ringo. (1.5 hrs)

7/15/2011 - Tested HUD positioning and Read updated scenerio and documentation. Ringo. (1 hr)

7/14/2011 - Tweaked code for positioning of the HUD. Ringo. (2.5 hrs)

07/14/2011 - Changed the textures and put in a script for the doors. Alex (4hrs)

07/12/2011 - Made new textures for the crash cart and doors. Have yet to upload the door texture to SL. (4hrs)

7/14/2011 -Made New female nurse texture for face and IV Texture. Bartleby (4.5 hrs)

7/13/2011 - Made the drawer texture for desk under the telephone and the IV texture. Bartleby (3 hrs)

7/12/2011 - wrote code and tested for position of the HUD. Ringo (1 hrs)

07/11/2011 - Made the slim patient chart cart. Will need a new keyboard texture. Alex (4hrs)

7/10/2011 - HUD development and testing. changed llSay to llOwnerSay. tested with another avatar and updated kiosk. Ringo (5 hrs)

7/9/2011 - Fixed Chart texture to be more intuitive. Altered Chart and cart sliders and made it so only one would display at a time. Ringo (9 hrs)

7/7/2011 - Rebuilt textures for the back wall, bulletin board and white board. Bartleby (1.5 hrs)

07/07/2011 - Made attached IV and dials for red suction machine. Alex (3hrs)

07/06/2011 - Enlarged the doors and created draft prims.

7/5/2011 - Added teleport scripts. changed HUD to use one slider with one texture. Fixed Reset button in HUD itself. Ringo (3 hrs)

7/1/2011 - Converted all llSay commands to llMessageLinked to reduce lag, fixed "start sim" button. cleaned up coding after overhaul. Ringo. (4 hrs)

6/30/2011 - Resized all of the mannequin heads, Scaled down the wall texture, made the red suction hospital equipment. Bartleby (5 hrs)

6/30/2011 - Making object less boxy looking while still trying to keep some prim efficiency. Alex (3hrs)

6/30/2011 - Performed large overhaul of moving most of the code into the HUD to make it more versatile. Ringo. (4 hrs)

6/28/2011 - tested some code and made backups of current code. Ringo (4 hrs)

6/27/2011 - Changed dialog box to show code in a more intuitive way and altered responses after the question. Ringo (3 hrs)

6/24/2011 - Changed visibility within the HUD and positioning. Placed new HUD in kiosk. Ringo (2 hrs)

6/23/2011 - Wall Texture, device textures, Made TV for patient rooms. Bartleby (5 hrs)

6/23/2011 - Tweaked emailer code and made blinking script for teleport. cleaned a significant amount of code and began commenting. Ringo (4 hrs)

6/21/2011 - Textured Boards and furniture in the MICU patient rooms. Also started Wall Texture. Bartleby (3 hrs)

6/20/2011 - Made Textures for the MICU -> Nurses Station and Back Wall. Bartleby (4hrs)

6/20/2011 - Added code to email the user's responses and "grade" into the HUD. Ringo (4 hrs)

6/16/2011 - Made Accessories for MICU-> card access and nurses station. Bartleby (5hrs)

6/16/2011 - Made adjustments to HUD code to respond only to the wearer of the HUD. modified reset button., Ringo (7 hrs)

6/15/2011 - Made Accessories for MICU->cart1, cart2, sink and cabinetry. Bartleby (5hrs)

6/14/2011 - Placed collected items and becan making recepticals for the new MICU. Bartleby (5hrs)

6/13/2011 - Collected pre-made items for the new MICU. Bartleby (5hrs)

6/10/2011 - Made assorted Mannequin Textures and set them in scenes. Bartleby (6hrs)

6/9/2011- Made assorted Mannequin Textures, Oxygen Tank and Mask. Bartleby (3hrs)

6/8/2011- Completed texture for patient chart, HUD dispenser, and crash cart and found textures for drip bag and bottles. Ringo (5 hrs)

6/7/2011- Made assorted Mannequin Textures. Bartleby (3hrs)

6/06/2011 - Finished new Crash Cart button Texture - built texture for main "interface" of HUD. found template for patient chart display. Ringo. (4 hrs)

06/02/2011 - Still looking for a 50 ml Colloid bolus. I have everything else for the texture. Alex (4hrs)

6/2/2011 - Textured Mannequins for Poccent simulation scenes.(Blue Scrubs w/ and w/o mask). Bartleby (3hrs)

5/31/2011 - Researched patient charts, fixed texturing issue with mannequin. rebuilt textures for HUD buttons. Ringo. (4 hrs)

5/31/2011 - Looking for pictures to use for the crash cart texture. Compiling together in Photoshop. Alex (4hr).

5/27/2011 - Textured Mannequins for Poccent simulation scenes.(62 yr-old and nurse) Had to realign textures on sculpties. Bartleby (6hrs)

5/25/2011 - Began planning and brainstorming ideas for HUD, designed two textures for theCrash Cart and Chart. Ringo. (3 hrs)

5/25/2011 - HUD development for scenes (8hr)

5/24/2011 - HUD development for scenes (8hr)

5/19/2011 - Linking Building and Setting Permissions. Ringo. (4 hrs)

5/18/2011 - Permissions and Linking Building. Ringo. (2.5 hours)

5/16/2011 - Linking Hospital Together. Ringo (2 hrs)

5/10/2011 - Finished demo park scene. Ryon (8 hrs)

5/9/2011 - Began demo park scene @ poccent island. Ryon (8 hrs)

5/5/2011 - Hospital Foundation. Ringo (1.5 hrs)

5/3/2011 - Modifying Permissions. Ringo. (1 hr)

5/2/2011 - Creating lower prim objects. Bartleby (4hrs).

4/29/2011 - Creating lower prim objects. Bartleby (4hrs).

4/29/2011 - Hospital Build/Texturing. Ringo (1 hr)

4/28/2011 - Ambulance Texturing. Ringo (1 hr)

4/23/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (2 hrs)

4/21/2011 - Hospital crit, reviewed hospital, planned revisions. Bartleby (3hrs.)

04/19/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (2 hrs)

04/14/2011 - Continuing to delete the backboards and resizing the signboards. Alex (4hrs).

04/12/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (3 hrs)

04/12/2011 - Built/ assembled hospital rooms. Bartleby (3 hrs)

04/11/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (6 hrs)

04/11/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (3hrs)

04/11/2011 - Deleting the backboard off of the signboards all around the POCCENT island. Alex (5 hrs)

04/08/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (5 hrs)

04/8/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (6hrs)

04/07/2011 - Continuing to improve the rug design with megaprims. Will delete the staircase and work on the signboards next. Alex (4hrs)

04/05/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (5 hrs)

04/7/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (3hrs)

04/5/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (3hrs)

03/31/2011 - Hopsital Build - Interior. Ringo (3 hrs)

03/31/2011 - Made a new rug using just one prim. Working on the stairs now, Alex (4hrs)

03/31/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (5hrs)

03/30/2011 - Hospital Build - Interior. Ringo (1.5 hrs)

03/29/2011 - Hospital Build - Interior. Ringo (4.5 hrs)

03/29/2011 - Made a low prim chair and plant pot for the auditorium. Also made a list of things to get rid of. Alex (5hrs)

03/29/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (6hrs)

03/28/2011 - Hospital Build - Interior. Ringo. (5.5 hrs)

03/28/2011 - Hospital Build (Room innards and such). Bartleby (5hrs)

03/25/2011 - Looking around the Auditorium and making low prim replacements. Alex (4hrs).

03/25/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (6hrs)

03/25/2011 - Hospital Build - Interior. Ringo (4 hrs)

03/24/2011 - Hospital Build (Room Assets). Bartleby (4.25hrs)

03/24/2011 - Hospital Build - Interior. Ringo (1.5 hrs)

03/18/2011 - Currently working on a drawer right now. Just need to load the textures on it. Alex (4hrs)

03/17/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (3 hrs)

03/16/2011 - Pruning Prims. Bartleby. (3.5 hrs)

03/16/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (5 hrs)

03/15/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo(3 hrs)

03/11/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (8 hrs)

03/11/2011 - Created some more objects for the Office building. Will be working on Auditorium shortly. Alex (5hrs)

03/11/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (6hrs)

3/10/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (3 hrs)

3/9/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (5 hrs)

03/9/2011 - Hospital Build (Texture Mania!). Bartleby (6hrs)

03/08/2011 - Hospital Build. Finished Exterior Structure -Texturing Ringo (3 hrs)

03/07/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (8 hrs)

03/04/2011 - Still working on building the replacement objects. Alex (5hrs)

03/4/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (8 hrs)

03/03/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (3 hrs)

03/02/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (5 hours)

03/01/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (3 hours)

03/1/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (6.5hrs)

02/28/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (8 hours)

02/28/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (6.5hrs)

02/25/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (5hrs)

02/25/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (8 hours)

02/25/2011 - Created a few low prim replica objects using the sculpted prims. Alex (5hrs).

02/24/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (3 hours)

02/23/2011 - Finished with the list. Now working on replicas. - Alex (4hrs)

02/23/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (3hrs)

02/23/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (8 hours)

02/22/2011 - Hospital Build (outside and framework). Bartleby (5hrs)

02/21/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (5hrs)

02/21/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo. (8 hours)

02/18/2011 - Continuing to work on the list and creating prim efficient replicas. - Alex (3hrs)

02/18/2011 - Hospital Build. Bartleby (4hrs)

02/18/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (8 hours)

02/16/2011 - Began to work on making a list of unnecessary prims in the south side of the POCCENT Island. Alex (5hrs)

02/16/2011 - Hospital build. Bartleby (6.5 hours)

2/16/2011 - Hospital Build. Ringo (5 hours)

02/15/2011 - Worked on Hospital Layout. Bartleby (6.5 hrs)

11/22/2010 - Tweaked the scripted board a little and fixed the typo in the sign outside. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 2 hrs

11/19/2010 - Put the textures onto the scripted board. Alex Davis (Alex Danitz09) - 3hr

11/8/2010 - Reviewed text on POCCENT website for SL relevant pages and provided edit suggestions, Photoshopped several picture options for header images for website, located appropriate images on Flickr for use on website. - Fleep 2 hrs

10/25/2010 - Checked over the copyright signs again and fixed some that were missed. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 1 hr

10/22/2010 - Fixed the board button links. Put the copyright notice on all boards. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4.5 hrs

10/11/2010 - Finished the textures for the board and buttons. Working on fixing the links and other minor adjustments. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4.5 hrs

10/08/2010 - Finished the script for the board. All the webpages have been put on the board. All that is left is the textures for the buttons. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 5hrs

10/4/2010 - Working on scripting the buttons so the screen pops us diagonally with the screen. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 3hrs

10/1/2010 - Talked with chris about the scripted board and how we should design it. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 1 hr

9/27/2010 - Created and scripted a basic message board. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4 hrs

9/24/2010 - Talked with Josh and started working on scripting the board. Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 2 hrs

9/17/2010 - Finished fixing the errors in the sign that I missed. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

9/16/2010 - Finished tweaking the orientation signs. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

9/10/2010 - Working on tweaking the orientation signs. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 3 hrs

9/9/2010 - Updated orientation signs and fixed the tabs on the 5th floor. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4 hrs

9/3/2010 - Fixed stair signs and began working on the orientation signboards. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 3hrs.

9/2/2010 - Work on the Funding Building. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

8/27/2010 - Work on the Funding Building. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

8/26/2010 - Work on the Funding Building. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

8/20/2010 - Work on the Funding Building. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

8/19/2010 - Work on the Funding Building. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

8/13/2010 - Work on the Funding Building. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

8/12/2010 - Work on the Funding Building. - Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz) - 4hrs

8/11/10 - Installed sim traffic monitors in locations indicated by the POCCENT team. 5th floor of the Funding building modded and decorated as a TV studio and includes all of the changes requested including fixing wall seams, new wall and floor textures, larger font on the game board signs, and decorating for a more visually interesting space. - Fleep (8 hrs)

8/9/10 - Fixed teleport boards in funding building. - Fleep (2 hrs)

7/30/10 - Spent time rearranging floor 5 to give it a layout with a logical progression for users to experience. Some objects were linked together for ease of moving. -LV (2.5 hrs.)

7/29/10 - Completed ALL scripting for floor 5, with answer choices and explanations. Also added a small board explaining to users to click on a picture in the device gallery to display a model. -LV (3.5 hrs.)


7/28/10 - Created boards for the explanation of why each device is which classification. Also created a blank and incorrect answer board to prompt users to select a different answer. -LV (2.5 hrs.)

7/27/10 - Continued scripting floor 5. Located and edited sound files that users will hear when they select correct and incorrect answers. -LV (2.5 hrs.)


7/26/10 - Weekly meeting today and got feedback on the display section. Started creating set for the FDA Feud scene and started writing a few of the necessary scripts for the answer choices. -LV (3 hrs.)


7/23/10 - Completed all scripts for the medical device display system and added the description boards which display with their own script. -LV (2.5 hrs.)


7/22/10 - Created exam gloves object, created and uploaded textures for the gallery objects, added the object descriptions, and then modified some of the scripts. Will continue scripting tomorrow. -LV (3 hrs.)

7/21/10 - Created the different boards with descriptions of each medical device and captured images of the different objects for display in the gallery. Need to make exam gloves. -LV (2 hrs.)

7/20/10 - Continued to work on the object display system and started writing scripts for the different parts. -LV (2.5 hrs.)


7/19/10 - Weekly meeting today and learned about the layout of floor 5. Began creating representations of the object model display system and made a few cosmetic changes to floor 4, now that the ramp upstairs is in a new spot. -LV (3 hrs.)

7/16/10 - Created an admin account for the POCCENT project "POCCENTAdmin Acer", customized account and gave appropriate levels of access. Sent detailed step-by-step directions to POCCENT team to create visitor accounts. - Fleep (2 hrs)

7/14/10 - Picked up key to new office from the Edwards Center and then completed creating the spinal tap kit texture in Photoshop. Applied the image and matched the color to the rest of the shape. -LV (2.5 hrs.)


7/13/10 - Looked around on SL for ideas on how to design floor 5 to show objects but not flood the users with options. Also looked up images of spinal tap kits and began creating a texture in Photoshop. -LV (3 hrs.)

7/12/10 - POCCENT weekly meeting today and got valuable feedback on the next steps for floor 5. Helped the POCCENT team set up in the new office of Lindner 509 and created a texture for the heart valve on floor 5. -LV (3 hrs.)


- Installed sim traffic tracking devices. - Fleep (1 hr)

7/08/10 - After receiving the information from Matt, created and uploaded the boards for the end content of station 5. Added website loaders to the highlighted business plan text. Also started the creation of a heart valve model. -LV (3 hrs.)

7/07/10 - Building more objects for floor 5. Found some examples of replacement hips and created a hybrid model as a result. -LV (2.5 hrs.)


7/02/10 - Continued building objects for floor 5. Made a few modifications to wheelchair and built an infusion pump with appropriate texture. -LV (2.5 hrs)


7/01/10 - Still building objects for use on floor 5. Built a powered wheelchair prototype by modifying and adding onto an office chair in the inventory. -LV (2.5 hrs.)


6/30/10 - Continued to look for examples of the devices to build for floor 5. Built the dental burrs and have a mock bandage ready. -LV (2.5 hrs.)


6/29/10 - Changed some textures to station 4 since the text no longer made sense with the different layout. Also began making objects for floor 5. -LV (2 hrs.)

6/28/10 - Modified station 4 scripting and objects to accommodate BJ's changes as outlined by Vishnu. Need to make one small texture tweak. -LV (2 hrs.)

6/25/10 - Finished modifying the scripts and textures with the correct calculations for station 4. Will move on to floor 5 with the rough plans that Matthew left. -LV (2 hrs.)

6/24/10 - Continued to modify the scripts for station 4 to accommodate the changes to the information flow. Also started working on the new textures, but encountered an SL error when trying to upload. Will try again tomorrow. -LV (2 hrs.)

6/23/10 - Moved around the station 4 boards to new locations, but found out the permissions for some objects were set funny. Forced to rewrite a script I originally wrote because I no longer have permission to view or modify the script. Also modified another script to display both market percentage and total ear thermometers. Still need to generate the new textures. -LV (2.5 hrs.)

6/22/10 - Plotted modifications for station 4 to include the number of thermometers per location data so that total thermometers needed will be where market percentage is. Will consolidate market percentage and total market size boards into one scripted package. Device revenue will stay the same, but with updated numbers. Began working on the new textures. -LV (2 hrs.)

6/17/10 - Modified station 4 scripts to prompt user for guess on number of devices per location and display the total, but will need to modify all textures of the station since the calculations are all wrong now. Also edited the floor 2 intro and summary boards according to Matt's set of changes. -LV (3.5 hrs.)

6/16/10 - Was told by Matt that station 4 needs to have the number of devices per location added, but I was unable to find the information on the website or the draft version of the workbook. Wrote more text for station 5 boards and will apply them tomorrow. -LV (2 hrs.)

6/15/10 - Wrote text for some of the notecards in station 5 and then put them into the right place with the proper scripts. -LV (2 hrs.)

6/11/10 - Added teleports that take users to the summary board of floor 4 located at the bottom of the steps heading towards floor 5. Content is needed for the summary board's text. -LV (2.5 hrs.)


6/10/10 - Modified the walls on floor 4 to make a space for the intro board. Also created the content for the board, uploaded, and applied it. -LV (2 hrs.)

6/9/10 - Created and uploaded blank shopping list images for station 5 and modified the script so that the resources needed show up and the list is blank when far away. Also added tabs on the station introduction and summary boards that direct the user to the website and workbook. -LV (3 hrs.)


6/8/10 - Talked to Matt and added an extension of the tiled floor, created new chalkboard textures featuring left justification, and modified the signs associated with the pantry items. Also modified scripts to talk users through the station so they understand what they need to do next. -LV (3 hrs.)

6/7/10 - Weekly meeting today and gained feedback on some of the different areas. Scripted the shopping lists to allow then to show up only after the user walks over to the "ingredients on hand" table. A notecard is also given to users to explain each market entry strategy that they are seeing. -LV (3 hrs).

6/4/10 - Created the chalkboard textures for station 5 and then scripted them to show up sequentially when the user clicks on the professor. Also optimized appearance by pre-loading textures allowing quick rezzing. -LV (3 hrs.)

6/3/10 - Modified the look of the new pantry items and then fixed the scripts that control them. Photoshopped the textures used for the shopping list grocery bags. -LV (3 hrs.)


6/2/10 - Created another set of replacement pantry items in Photoshop, uploaded them, and applied them in SL. -LV (4 hrs.)


6/1/10 - Replaced all teleport sign textures in Funding building with new floor labels. Created Recipe for Commercialization cookbook and placed in the kitchen model. Added professor model in Kitchen. Loaded Surgery Suite in Station 2 rezzer - station 2 now complete. Decorated rooms on IP Protection floor. - Fleep (5 hrs.)

- Created replacement pantry item textures as per BJ's request. Uploaded them and applied in SL. Also scripted the boxes to show up on the table with obligatory select/deselect message. -LV (3 hrs.)


5/28/10 - Created "boxes" of pantry items, generated box labels in Photoshop, and then uploaded and applied the textures onto the boxes. Added scripts to relay to next component of station 5 that the box was touched, indicating that the user has the "ingredient." -LV (3 hrs.)


5/27/10 - Continued to work on script templates for station 5. Also worked on pantry scene/image and found a good font for the chalkboard. Tweaked layout of station 4 according to changes from BJ described by Matt. -LV (3 hrs.)

5/26/10 - Searched for and found a good chalkboard image for station 5 on floor 2. Modified it in Photoshop and uploaded into SL. Began writing script for it to work with the "professor" prim. Also made a set of functional changes to floor 4. -LV (3 hrs.)

5/25/10 - Created, edited, and then uploaded a full set of wayfinding boards for floor 4 to look more like a hospital. -LV (3 hrs.)


5/24/10 - Modified floor 4 layout to include an exit from PCT back to the floor start location; edited and applied new sliding door textures to match Matt's arrows; and added a wall around the entire floor to hide the building's interior wall. -LV (3 hrs.)


5/21/10 - Modified the sliding door script to make the doors' open state better and created textures to put onto the doors. -LV (3 hrs.)


5/20/10 - Designed and added a patterned floor to the 4th floor. Received a door script from Chris and modified it to work with the door shapes on the floor. Had some trouble with the vector referencing in the llGetPos() function in child prims. -LV (3 hrs.)

5/19/10 - Planned out and modified the layout of floor 4 to model the changes described by Matt from the Monday meeting. Will add floor soon. -LV (3 hrs.)
- Final permissions/object name check to finish the surgery suite. AD (3 hrs)


5/18/10 - Made texture loading improvements to station floor on floor 2 and then started building objects for use with the potential design of station 5. -LV (3 hrs.)

5/14/09 - Finished the anesthesia cart. - Alex (5 hrs)

5/14/10 - Continued to work on floor 4 updating textures, adding walls, and converting prototypes with real prims. -LV (3 hrs.)

5/13/10 - Applied textures, modified, and built parts of floor 4 according to the plan that Matt and I developed. Also scripted a door that can be walked through -LV (3 hrs.)

5/12/10 - Began building the last object, the anesthesia cart. - Alex (4 hrs)

5/12 - Placed observers, fixed surgery doors, built heart and lung machine. - Fleep (4 hrs)

external image 4602299534_75e29ffcb3.jpg
external image 4601686009_e5c583fa29.jpg

external image 4602299700_b5f97f140a.jpg
external image 4602299764_3134f1d6fa_o.jpg

external image 4602299656_ffd42c4ccd.jpg

5/11/10 - Built surgical instrument tables and surgeon mannequins, placed some additional details in the surgery suite. - Fleep (5 hrs)

external image 4601685793_85ebf10441.jpg
external image 4601685929_3b17982a69.jpg
external image 4601685873_6db9b38f8e.jpg

Created a basic wall and floor layout of floor 4 with labels showing the location of each section. -LV (3 hrs.)

5/08/10 - Completed final adjustments to floor 3 and made sure the teleports all function correctly. Began planning how floor 4 will be arranged. -LV (3 hrs,)

5/07/10 - Building the final object in Surgery suite. - AD (5hrs)

5/07/10 - Received feedback at weekly meeting and started making changes to floor 3 text. Uploaded one at University endpoint as a check before I upload the rest. -LV (4hrs.)

5/06/10 - Began creation of floor 4 sample content based on description from Matt. -LV (2 hrs.)
Created patient and waiting room mannequins - Fleep (7 hours)

external image 4584686575_5136b4ef1f.jpg
external image 4585312682_9448db2616.jpg
external image 4584687123_b2647c7c53.jpg

external image 4584686857_a819568977.jpg
external image 4585312744_9d647ca099.jpg
external image 4585312476_22ec8a5777.jpg

05/05/10 - Spent time researching and sketching out the various kinds of objects needed for the surgery suite. Laid down some prims as well. - AD (3 hrs)
Edited, uploaded, and updated the textures on the boards at the end of each part of floor 3. Need to come up with more ideas on how to display floor 4. -LV (4 hrs.)
Created nurse and doctor mannequins - Fleep (7 hours)
external image 4585312330_300768198f.jpg
external image 4585312288_0314b7fd73.jpg
external image 4584686631_ed863f0f51.jpg

5/03/10 - Weekly meeting today and got more feedback on floor 3. Station 5 plans still need to be hashed out, so implemented some of the suggestions for floor 3. Also emailed Steven and Matt with proposed text changes with more action verbs and no spelling errors to the billboards in the emerald cities. -LV (4 hrs.)

4/30/10 - Found source images, edited them in Photoshop, and uploaded into SL the textures for the inner walls of the emerald cities. -LV (2 hrs.)
- Had to recreate anasthesia cart. AD (5 hrs)

4/29/10 - Formatted and uploaded the boards inside each of the emerald cities of floor 3. Need to redo the "individual" board due to Steven's editing. Also tinkered with a teleport script, but currently having trouble with the endpoint flight. -LV (2 hrs.)

4/28/10 - Retooled a few images in photoshop and reuploaded them into SL. Also generated the info boards at the end of each section of establishing IP, but will convert and upload them tomorrow. -LV (4 hrs.)
- Worked on permissions, names, and linking objects. AD (3 hrs)

4/27/10 - Customized Fred's avatar, including skin, hair, beard, animation override, and 15 outfits. (Fleep 3 hrs)

external image 4557575075_6423b66c17.jpg
external image 4557574549_8faa50192e.jpg
external image 4557574179_4255290e5d.jpg
external image 4557574337_2a339f22b4.jpg

Continued to work on floor 3, adding the objects necessary for the explanations of the different research areas. Will generate the textures for those boards tomorrow. Also looked for more source images to use as teleport object and other scenery -LV (3 hrs.)

04/26/10 - Weekly POCCENT meeting today and got feedback for floor 3. Made changes discussed in meeting to floor 3 visuals and then modified floor 2 station 4 to get the boards to look more like each other. -LV (3 hrs.)

04/23/10 - Continuing to add "filler" objects to make the place look more realistic. -AD (5 hrs)
- Created and uploaded yes/no signs for the branches and started adding notecard content on floor 3. -LV (3 hrs.)


04/22/10 - Created and uploaded signs for the different research areas on floor 3. -LV (2 hrs.)


- Added textures and details to the Urgent Care center, shelving and details to the surgery suite. (Fleep 4 hrs)

external image 4558201836_c35272034e.jpg

external image 4558201762_98ae04d347.jpg

external image 4557570717_3b56eeece4.jpg

04/21/10 - Continuing to add "filler" objects to make the place look more realistic. AD (3 hrs)
Edited and uploaded more textures into SL on the funding building's floor 3 after Chris gave me more funds to do so. -LV (3 hrs.)

04/20/10 - Began installation of Adobe Creative Suite on the Lindner office computer. Ran over to Zimmer to use the currently installed Photoshop to generate more textures for floor 3. -LV (3 hrs.)

04/19/10 - Weekly meeting with POCCENT team; talked about upcoming schedule for the quarter. Received feedback on station 2 components and floor 3 ideas. Will continue with Wizard of Oz theme and uploaded the character images while waiting for Steven to post the instructions/design notes for station 5 and the other floors of the building. -LV (3 hrs.)

04/16/10 - Spent a few hours modifying the images I found. Put up the first Wizard of Oz character up with a question sign. Hopefully there will be some feedback about it on Monday. -LV (3 hrs.)

- Adding "filler" objects to make the space more realistic, including wall light switches, electrical outlets, fire alarms, clocks, etc. -AD (5 hrs)


04/15/10 - Talked to Steven about the upcoming schedule and came up with some ideas for station 5. While the design is still being figured out, will work on floor 3 and creating appropriate signage. -LV (3 hrs.)

04/14/10 - Making a few final touches on the room. After that it's waiting for some new mannequins to use. AD(2 hrs)

04/13/10 - Looked for source images to be modified for floor 3 of the funding building. Also started uploading backups to the UCSL Google Docs shared folder for POCCENT. -LV (3 hrs.)
- Worked on Station 2: Scene 4 Urgent care center, have general layout completed and object mockups. - Fleep (2 hrs)

external image 4520112447_d5ed3e936f.jpg
external image 4520749096_583b296e7f.jpg
external image 4520112291_4d19c1deeb.jpg

04/12/10 - Moved model images for Station 2 - Urgent Care Center scene to 4th floor of funding building. Added a 5th floor to funding building. Repaired doorway and steps at front of funding building. Retextured/painted new 5th floor to match existing decor. - Fleep (3 hrs)
Weekly meeting today in Lindner provided feedback on station 5 and the basic premise behind floor 3. Looked for a good way to load textures faster in station 4. -LV (2 hrs.)

external image 4514315209_d25e71b2a7.jpg
external image 4514951548_b9531822f4.jpg

04/09/10 - Made a pathway and other various objects. - AD (3 hrs)
Tested balance script and came up with several textures that should be made to make things easier for users. Need signs and maybe instructions. -LV (2 hrs.)

04/08/10 - Got caught up from being away all week and finished the scripting for the first balance of station 5. I need to fully test the script and then make nicer looking textures with instructions. -LV (4 hrs.)

04/02/10 - Continued to work on the surgery suite. - AD (4 hrs)

03/31/10 - Added scripts and a few signs for the first balance of station 5. Needs more explanation so that users know they need to click on the different boxes so they show up on the balance. -LV (4 hrs.)

03/30/10 - Worked on a few objects for station 5 including a table/stand for the different pro/con factors. Also created a bunch of textures that depict the different factors and uploaded them. -LV (4 hrs.)

03/29/10 - First weekly meeting of the quarter; learned what BJ and Fred are looking for in the SL project. Worked on the design of station 5 and looked into working with linkMessages. -LV (3 hrs.)

03/26/10 - Moved around the walls and objects to use up the entire room for a less constrained feel. More textures done as well. AD (5 hrs)

03/25/10 - Applied some textures and messing with with different staircase styles. - AD (2 hrs)
Continued to work on the IP floor and looked for Wizard of Oz images to use. It would be nice to make some other aspects from the film: tornado, flying monkeys, munchkins, curled witch shoes? -LV (4 hrs.)

03/24/10 - Found and then added some other types of bushes to the IP floor for a better forest look. -LV (4hrs.)

03/23/10 - Continued to search for images to use for the Oz theme. The floor looks fuller with more foliage. -LV (2 hrs.)

03/22/10 - More development work on the 3rd floor of the Funding building. Added trees and shrubs. The forest is starting to look more like a proper forest. Also searched for reference images or usable images from The Wizard of Oz. -LV (4 hrs.)

03/19/10 - Today I replaced the Alpha texture with a cut-out prim for the window of the observation room. It took me a while to make a single prim ramp that turns 90 degrees that leads up to the observation room. I also built a few more objects for the surgery room. - AD (3 hrs)
Continued to work on 3rd floor of Funding building; created and uploaded a texture to make the endpoints look like the "Emerald City." -LV (2.5 hrs.)


03/18/10 - Chris informed me that we wanted more of a surgery theater than surgery suite. I changed some things around so the "theater" part (observation room) can be put in. - AD (5 hrs.)
Worked on funding building 3rd floor; found some more trees and shrubs for the forest look. Also found out that trees can't be linked together. Maybe the endpoints can be made up to look like the Emerald City? -LV (5 hrs.)

03/17/10 - Continued working on the 3rd floor. Went to other areas in SL to see how to make a good forest theme and came up with ideas for the different end points. -LV (4 hrs.)

03/16/10 - Changed the layout of the IP floor a little bit and started experimenting with creating a forest and adding to the "Oz" theme. -LV (3.5 hrs.)

03/15/10 - Made some small changes to station 4 and updated some temporary textures that do not show up in the beta SL viewer. Worked on station 5 a little bit, but Steven has mentioned that some changes may need to be made to the design document. Began looking at floor 3's IP section. -LV (5 hrs.)

03/12/10 - Barring improvements to be suggested by the rest of the POCCENT team, station 4 is more or less complete with textures, objects, and scripts ready. On to station 5! -LV (4.5 hrs.)

03/12/10 - Put textures on most objects. I will have to get the rest later. I also halved the room again since it was still rather large for a surgery suite. - AD (4 hrs.)

03/11/10 - More texture and scripting work for station 4. Should be done soon. -LV (4hrs.)

03/11/10 - Built some plywood blocks to represent where more nonsensical science machines should go. Textures soon. - AD (5 hrs)

03/10/10 - Continued to work on station 4 textures and scripting. -LV (2.5 hrs.)

03/09/10 - Worked on making station 4 look more visually appealing. Created and uploaded a lot of textures, but still not completely done. -LV (4 hrs.)

03/08/10 - Weekly meeting today; received valuable feedback for both stations 4 and 5. Unfortunately, station 5 just got a little harder to implement, but should not be too tricky. -LV (4 hrs.)

03/05/10 - Wrote scripts that give a notecard for explanation, then move the balance on the next click. The beam rotates properly and the trays move up/down accordingly. Script needs to be debugged properly for possible balance reorientations. Need to add proper textures and ask Steve about a good object to give a notecard. -LV(4 hrs.)

03/05/10 - Split the room in half since surgery suite tend to be very small rooms. Added/subtracted some objects to accommodate for the smaller size. - AD (4 hrs.)

03/04/10 - Started work on station 5. Created a balance that can be copied to make the 3 market entry strategies. Will need to script the movement and make little weights representing the different factors. -LV (4 hrs.)


03/04/10 - After getting frustrated with the large surgery lights I did away with them and made my own smaller ones. The lights took up all of my day. - AD (5 hrs)

03/03/10 - Acted as prop in the presentation of the SL island. Proceeded to work on station 4 textures afterwards. -LV (4 hrs.)

03/02/10 - Went to the CARE building with BJ, Steve, and Chris to examine the setup of tomorrow's meeting and a quick run-through of what will be presented and for how long. Worked on a few details "under the hood" of station 4 so that it would not interfere with tomorrow's tour of the SL island. -LV (4 hrs.)

03/01/10 - With March already upon us, had a meeting to flesh out details and quickly run through funding building content before the major site visit from the higher-ups. Continued to work on content for the revenue section for station 4. -LV (5 hrs.)


02/26/10 - Waited for a Friday meeting that never happened, then started working on the boards for station 4. I am not great at Photoshop, but I will try my best. -LV (3 hrs.)

2/26/10 - I went back to work on the scene. Still adding some things to see how it all looks together. - AD (3 hrs.)

02/25/10 - Made several changes to stations 3 and 4. Compressed summaries in station 3 notecards, continued to tweak station 4 scripts. Also changed some board text according to Steven's input and modified dialog boxes with new text. -LV (3.5 hrs)

02/25/10 - Collected various objects from other scenes to potentially use in the surgery suite. I began building and placing some objects as well. - AD (5 hrs)

02/24/10 - Continued to work on modifying station 4. Ran into some trouble with the platforms being linked prims, but finally figured out how to set transparency on non-root prims in a linked set. Also implemented a manual reset to station 4 allowing the station to be easily cleaned up after use. -LV (4 hrs.)

02/23/10 - Worked on editing station 4. Changed chat channel so objects no longer communicate debug info to local chat. Also started changing the platforms that users stand on to interact with objects and displays. -LV (4 hrs.)

02/22/10 - Short weekly meeting today and got some feedback on earlier work. Made a lot of small changes to station 3, including adding summary notecards and changing object sizes like the horses and background to fit properly. -LV (6 hrs.)

2/19/10 - Chris and Long showed me where I was to create the scene. Drew rough sketch of scene and did more research. - AD - (5 hr)

02/18/10 - Added board #5 for disposables, as well as a guide arrow after board 4. Full functionality not quite ready for board 5. Need to make it show up the number of disposables used annually. -LV (4 hrs.)


02/18/10 - Began researching online for surgery suites. - AD (4 hrs.)

02/17/10 - A bit behind due to the snow, but moved station 2 scenes up to the roof and moved stations 3 and 4 down to floor 2. Continued script work on station 4 and started thinking of ways to make the disposable section work. -LV (4 hrs.)

02/12/10 - Made small modifications to station 3 and talked to Rob about the different textures I need. Began making a board for revenue calculation for the device revenue. -LV (5 hrs.)

02/11/10 - Modified notecards and tweaked the way that the arrows function. Left a note for Rob to make some signage for station 3. -LV (3hrs.)

02/10/10 - Behind even further due to the university closing yesterday because of all the snow. Made a few signboards and arrows that disappear and flash to give users a quick explanation of the races. -LV (4 hrs.)

02/08/10 - Extra long meeting today, probably a result of having no meeting last week. Got more feedback for station 3 and began working on changing details to show users exactly what to do and make it obvious. -LV (6 hrs.)

02/05/10 - Made a few small changes to station 3 and made sure all prims were full perm with backups available for future work. -LV (2 hrs.)

02/04/10 - Station 4 boards 3 and 4 complete, although I need a little texture to pop up and show the grand total of ear thermometers. -LV (4hrs.)

02/03/10 - With the conference over, the focus is now on the station 4 scripting. Dialog boxes with percentages can now be seen with board 3. -LV (3 hrs.)

02/02/10 - Managed to work a little bit on station 4 after the conference. 3rd board is almost up and running but need to add the dialog box pop-up. -LV (2 hrs.)

02/01/10 - Continued to work on station 4 after the conference. The scripting is starting to get more complex and confusing. Will probably have to rethink how the different parts communicate with each other. -LV (3 hrs.)

01/29/10 - Changed the station 3 attribute box scripts at Rob's request. Continued script work for station 4. Switched the stand user detection from collision to 1-second short range avatar sensor sweeps. Clicking on the boxes from board 1 causes boxes on board 2 to show up. Moving away from any stand causes the board in front of it to become semi-transparent, reducing clutter at the station. -LV (5 hrs.)

01/28/10 - Started building prims and creating textures for station 4. Also began writing scripts to get the station functionality possible. To minimize the amount of confusion a user faces, different sections will be revealed as the user interacts with different items. For instance, the 1st board will appear when the circular target is stepped on and becomes faint when the user steps off of it. This change should allow users to see the other parts of the station and not be overwhelmed by information. -LV (4 hrs.)


01/27/10 - Created a diagram of the layout for station 4. I need to talk to Steve and see if it agrees with what he was thinking. -LV (3 hrs.)

01/26/10 - Reuploaded a new texture for the graph, then got annoyed at having to pay so much for texture uploads. Installed Emerald Viewer to allow temporary textures that can be switched as needed until a finalized version is created. Also designed an information logo that can be used throughout the building or island. -LV (4 hrs.)

01/25/10 - Got feedback for station 3 at meeting today. Resized thermometers so they are smaller and added the graph. Also modified the races so that the first race won't reset until timeout. Will make it so the conclusion of the station also resets all races. -LV (6 hrs.)

01/22/10 - Created a model ear thermometer for station 3. All thermometers stand on pedestals and rotate slowly. Also created "dumbbell" weights that list the percentages for race 2. -LV (5 hrs.)


01/21/10 - Created a model infrared thermometer for station 3. -LV (3 hrs.)

01/20/10 - Created a model digital thermometer to put inside the ring of station 3. Will create the other 2 thermometers soon. -LV (4 hrs.)


01/19/10 - Team meeting pushed to today due to MLK Jr. Day on Monday (01/18). Gained feedback on station 3 and started creating weights for the weighted race as per B.J.'s suggestion. -LV (3 hrs.)

01/15/10 - Located a sound editing program, figured out how to edit sound files, found a bugle call, and then uploaded it into SL. Race 1 now has a fanfare noise. -LV (4 hrs.)

01/14/10 - Learned how the weighting of the 2nd race works and modified the scripts to do the math properly to display the weighted float values. I still need the sound source site from Chris and need to find a good way to display the weights, which are currently sitting on the ground. -LV (4 hrs.)

01/13/10 - Met with Chris, Mary, and Steve to determine the scheduling of the UCSL team for the POC-CENT project. The results can be found on top of the office building. Also created and uploaded textures for the horse race signs. Need to talk to Steve and ask how the weighting math works. -LV (4 hrs.)

01/12/10 - Created little inside grass circle to force users to head towards the bugles and race boards. Modified station 1 stands for use in station 3. Need to photoshop some textures with the attribute texts. -LV (5 hrs.)


01/11/10 - Weekly meeting today. Picked up key to Lindner office. Made several script bugfixes. Added total score to horse hovertext as well as score for current attribute. -LV (6 hrs.)

01/08/10 - Script on race 1 works by clicking on the command object and gives out notecards when the horses move. Script for race 2 also functional. -LV (4 hrs.)

01/07/10 - Got set up in Lindner Hall POC-CENT office. Swapped the station 3 and station 4 spaces and created a few objects for use with station 3. Need to modify the scripts so everything works properly and find a short trumpet fanfare sound that can be played when the horses move. -LV (4 hrs.)

01/06/10 - Weekly meeting held today; introduced Mary Jane to the rest of the POC-CENT team. Learned that the horse race should be split into two races, one with normal values and the other with weighted values. Also need to create some sort of chart or graph for prices. -LV (4 hrs.)

01/05/10 - Still more script work. After several hours of debugging, learned that llSetPos() only works up to 10 meters. -LV (5 hrs.)

01/04/10 - Continued to work on scripts. Ran into a problem with the horse not returning to the correct start position. -LV (5 hrs.)

12/30/09 - More script work for station 4. Learned how the timer() event works as well as being able to call up different states. -LV (4 hrs.)

12/29/09 - Continued working on the scripts for station 4. -LV (5 hrs.)

12/23/09 - Started to write scripts for station 4, which I will be working on while the other stations are being written. The task is a little easier because the requirements are not as difficult as I had previously thought. -LV (4 hrs.)

12/22/09 - Searched SL for objects that can be placed into the remaining rooms of the OR and urgent care facilities. No real luck, especially for objects with full perms. We may have to make all objects ourselves. -LV (5 hrs.)

12/17/09 - Recreated the kiosk sitting outside station 1 since it was no longer modifiable. Researched what an OR looks like and the kinds of equipment that are used in them. -LV (4 hrs.)

12/16/09 - Went to weekly meeting and received feedback on current project status. Background textures seem to be loaded properly. Will begin work on station 4 while the other stations are being written. -LV (4 hrs.)

12/15/09 - Learned from Chris that the object rezzer for station 2 requires full permissions for everything. Found a new fence texture to use with full perms. Will have to ask Chris to place the EMT people and victim into the scene. -LV (5 hrs.)

12/10/09 - Continued work on EMT scene, and tried to find good background pictures to use for the scene's "walls." Dustin gave me a good logo to use on the ambulance. -LV (2 hrs.)

12/09/09 - Went to weekly meeting for 2 hours and discussed plans for stations 3 and 4. Found a good fence to use and added to station 2 EMT scene. -LV (5 hrs.)


12/08/09 - Started work on ambulance scene for station 2. Hunted around for a good texture to use for a fence. Having some trouble finding a good one. -LV (5 hrs.)

12/02/09 - Added interior to ambulance including stretcher. Blue asterisk now has a caduceus too and the ambulance doors are open and swung out at different angles like the EMTs ran out in a hurry. I need to make an EMS sign or get Dustin to make one for me. -LV (5 hrs.)


12/01/09 - While waiting for station descriptions, began creating an ambulance for use in station 2. The exterior is mostly done, save for a few textures like the caduceus and some sort of POCCENT EMS sign. I also need to make a stretcher of some sort, a rough interior of the ambulance, and the back doors. -LV (5 hrs.)


11/19/09 - Added Steve's notecard texts to all notecards given to the user in station 1. Changed the scripts to make an easy way to add possible correct answer choices. Debugged scripts and they seem to handle edge cases properly. Also began looking for a way to send data out to an external server so that the grant writing practice that a user will do can be emailed back to them. -LV (5 hrs.)

11/18/09 - Found a few things to change during the weekly meeting with POCCENT. Tried making a clipboard to replace the box, although it needs a texture that says "Click me" on it. Need to tweak the curtain close timing, add notecard texts, and modify the communication channels used. -LV (4 hrs.)


11/17/09 - Talked with Steve about Station 1 and modified the scripts. Instead of writing on notecards, the users will simply type /101 followed by their guess. The box will respond with a dialog box offering an explanation. A notecard with the explanation of the description good/bad points will be offered to the user. Need to make the notecard-giving box prettier. -LV (5 hrs.)


11/16/09 - Modified the scripts for the box so it reads the first line out of a notecard given to it. I might try to do this interaction differently because there are a lot of steps that users have to go through and I think it's unlikely that they will bother. -LV (2 hrs.)

11/13/09 - Added scripts that supply the user with a notecard when the box is touched. When the notecard is added back into the box, the curtain "opens" by becoming transparent for 20 seconds, revealing the product inside. Need to make the box look more appealing. -LV (2 hrs.)

11/12/09 - Built a kiosk/podium design that I think will look good with all of the stations. Also started creating the scripts necessary for station 1 to function. Users will put the notecard received after touching the box back into the box, which will trigger the curtain in front of the display to go transparent allowing them to see inside. Need to see if there is a good way for scripts to parse notecard text and read in what somebody might have written. -LV (4 hrs.)

11/10/09 - Designed and built a few different items for the first station on the second floor of the Funding building. Currently have an ear thermometer and an EKG machine. Dustin is having a little trouble with the texture for the sculpty I used for the thermometer, but in the meantime I am making the explanation kiosks for the stations. It needs to have a unified design so users will naturally go to it for information. -LV (4 hrs.)

11/05/09 - Judging by the list of different devices and other medical products that we are going to need, I took some time to learn how to make 3D sculpties, allowing more organic shapes in SL. The majority of software is written for Windows, so I dived right in and am currently attempting to make an ear thermometer. The 3D program interface is unfamiliar to me so progress is slow, but at least forward. -LV (5 hrs.)

11/04/09 - Learned about the design document for the different stations in the funding building during the weekly meeting. Discussed different products for use in station 1. Adjusted the height of the railing on the balcony to fit the texture better. -LV (3 hrs.)

11/03/09 - Spent some time looking for a decent podium to use for the front stage area. After several fruitless searches, ended up making my own. Still looking for reasonably stylish furniture to place in the atrium. -LV (4 hrs.)

10/29/09 - Mostly texture work over the past 2 days to bring the auditorium more in line with the style of the funding building. Certain accents were kept to maintain the building's identity like the white stone used and some of the wood colors. Added lights coming in from the ceiling windows. Need to find appropriate furniture like podium and tables or chairs for the atrium. -LV (5 hrs.)


10/27/09 - Fleep added a draft of the walking tour on the Commercialization floor of the funding area, with text and animations. Also added signage per the files Dustin sent. Moved around props, began to create scene for station 2 and 3. - FT (4 hrs)

Added more lighting and filled the balcony with seats. Tweaked the textures for the walls and floor and began to figure out how to recreate a carpeted floor used in the Funding building to maintain some design elements across the island. -LV (5 hrs.)

10/26/09: Fleep identified a flexible game system designed by Adobe for use in Second Life that might be useful for the POC-CENT project. She asked Steve and Dustin to review the documentation, pick up a kit, and see an example of the system in use to evaluate its feasibility. - FT (3 hrs)

[6:57] Fleep Tuque: Documentation is available at: https://buzzword.acrobat.com/#d=uv2vaMA4NEecNt6RtaP4wg
[6:58] Fleep Tuque: The in world SLurl to pick up the kit is at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Adobe/141/148/51
[6:58] Fleep Tuque: And an example of the system (this example was designed for middle school kids) is at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Comm%20Media/228/222/22

10/23/2009 - Linked all the current prims together and sunk the theater into the ground. Experimented with lighting. Will add more next week. -LV (2 hrs.)

10/22/2009 - Made a balcony railing and looked for stairs I could use to get up the upper floor. Gave up after a while and just made a ramp with its own banister. Need to get Chris to make some more chairs for the nose-bleed section. Made a few more aesthetic adjustments, but will start focusing on adding lights next time. -LV (5 hrs.)


10/21/2009 - Attended meeting today and the current theater design was well received. Added carpets from front door to hall entrance. Also added areas to attach lights to the ceiling. Added balcony floor and door; need to make a railing and stairs to get to upper deck. -LV (5 hrs.)


10/20/2009 - Asked Chris for some help getting decent wood textures for floors and walls. Found a few good ones and have started designing the interior. Chairs have been set up and it is starting to look like a real presentation space. I would like to get some lights and a carpet to help people find the entrance to the hall. -LV (5 hrs.)


10/19/2009 - Looked around for textures and other things I could use to make the interior nicer. Am having a hard time coming up with something that looks nice. -LV (2 hrs.)

10/15/2009 - Finished with the roofing and made sure the walls joined together without any gaps or Z-fighting between prims. Will need to start working on things inside the theater like chairs, podium, etc. -LV (4 hrs.)


10/14/2009 - Added more of the roof with skylights and tweaked a few textures to look a little more real. No bad criticism from the meeting today, so will forge ahead with my design. Asked Chris for some textures and will need to find some plush theater chairs for audience members. -LV (3 hrs.)


10/13/2009 - Put up the rest of the exterior walls as well as the interior walls demarcating the actual theater/presentation space. One roof is up and I have an idea for the other half of the roof. With some extra time, I would like to add some nosebleed seats on a balcony floor, but that's a small consideration that is not nearly as important. -LV (5 hrs.)


10/12/2009 - Slanted the theater floor, added more exterior walls, and moved everything up a few meters for proper placement. Will need to modify the terrain for final placement. Will slant roofs over the theater itself, plus another slanted roof over the atrium with skylights would look really nice. I only need to figure out how to do it. -LV (2 hrs.)


10/09/09 - Built a floor and adjusted the "foundation" of the wall so it will look good even on uneven terrain. The curved wall now has an awning stretching across the length of it, and I have added a door. I am debating with myself whether the building orientation will stay this way or rotated CCW 90 degrees. Having the curve on the sidewalk part might be more aesthetically pleasing for people walking past the theater. -LV (3 hrs.)


10/08/09 - Researched a few more designs for the theater building and found a good looking design that seems to fit stylistically with the texture choices talked about during yesterday's meeting. Began building the front exterior wall. It curves, so the math is a little harder in terms of being able to make things fit properly. -LV (4hrs.)

10/07/09 - At meeting today, decided that theater/presentation space would be indoors like a lecture hall or movie theater rather than like an outdoor amphitheater. Visited the Zimmer lecture hall for a sense of spacing and then traveled to other islands in SL to see other designs. -LV (4 hrs.)

10/05/09 - Discussed office building designs with Steve and Dustin. Decided on one building and will stick to it. Mocked up a rough size for theater area and added bubble dome visually displaying effective speaking distance from front of room. Looked for pre-made theater designs from other SL residents. -LV (3 hrs.)

10/01/09 - Designed a theater area with a few office rooms that overlook the presentation space. The main room is very large; maybe even too large. A presenter may find themselves having to shout in order to be heard in the back row. Will have to look into determining how to project speech or consider making the theater smaller. -LV (4 hrs.)

9/30/09 - Added one more funding hall design, the precursor to the one modeled after UC COM.

Prototype 5: The Rubiks square

Went to weekly meeting and discussed future plans. Met afterwards with Steve and Dustin to talk about office buildings and whipped up a sketch for the theater on paper. Will turn into blocks tomorrow. -LV (4 hrs.)

9/29/09 - In preparation for Wednesday's meeting, quickly made several different designs for the Funding building.
Prototype 1: The Funding Cube

Prototype 2: Funding Hall (1 story)

Prototype 3: Funding Hall (2 story)

Prototype 4: Modeled after UCCOM

Will build one more tomorrow before the meeting. -LV (5 hrs.)

9/28/09 - Continued modeling of the one design in SL. -LV (3 hrs.)

9/25/09 - Brainstormed designs for the Funding area and drafted a few buildings on paper. Began preliminary modeling of one design in SL. -LV (3 hrs.)

9/24/09 - Mock up buildings removed per our meeting this week. Funding and Communication areas moved to south side of the island, Friends and News areas moved to North side of the island. Spoke with SteveO and requested that he and Dustin help develop some textures for use in the construction of the buildings.

9/18/09 - Mockups of office building and board room building blocked out, rough building begun. Pictures for architectural inspiration taken from the NIH website. -FT (3 hrs)

9/17/09 - Rough build out of key locations on the island placed, including: - FT (4 hrs)
  • Central Landing Point
  • Funding Opportunities buildings
  • Amphitheatre
  • Partner Institutions Hub
  • Hospital Mock Up
  • Research News Building

See slides in the POC-CENT Flickr group at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/poccent_sl/

9/17/09 - Fleep's plaza model moved in central location on the island, POC-CENT banners created, mockup content for plaza added. - FT (3 hrs)
external image 3945140668_06bd370502.jpg

9/16/09 - Mockups of potential landing point plazas created - LV(1 hr)

external image 3945141030_cafe007f38.jpg
9/15/09 - Model of island design created - AD(2 hrs)
external image 3945140734_fd720a1d26.jpg

Project Contacts:

POC-CENT Project Lead: BJ Zirger (SL: Maybeme Waffle)
Steven Starkey (SL: SteveO Bombastic)
Dustin Carrlton (SL: dl Camino)

UC Second Life Project Lead: Long Vu (SL: Long Arrowmint) ~ secondlife@uc.edu ~ 556-8562
Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
Josh Butler (SL: Axel Gedenspire)
Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz)

Administrative Access:

Estate Managers
UC Administrative Account (SL: UCSLLandMgr Treves)
Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
Long Vu (SL: Long Arrowmint)
BJ Zirger (SL: Maybeme Waffle)

Group Managers - UC POC-CENT
Owner Role
UC Administrative Account (SL: UCSLLandMgr Treves)
Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
BJ Zirger (SL: Maybeme Waffle)

Officer Role
Long Vu (SL: Long Arrowmint)
Josh Butler (SL: Axel Gedenspire)
Alex Davis (Alex09 Danitz)
Steven Starkey (SL: SteveO Bombastic)

Everyone Role (Former Co-Ops)
Dustin Carrlton (SL: dl Camino)