Faculty Offices

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Faculty, adjuncts, TAs, instructors, and other members of the university community who are teaching courses may reserve an office in the Faculty Village on the University of Cincinnati Virtual Campus in Second Life.

They can reserve an office by using the Reserve Land or Office Space link on our main UC Second Life Project website, or they can click a rotating sign inside the doorway of available offices in the Faculty Village.

Processing a Request for a Faculty Office

1. See incoming reservation requests on the Reserve Land or Office Space Spreadsheet (GoogleDoc)

2. Go to the requested office space in the Faculty Village in Second Life and make sure that office is unoccupied.

3. If the office is available, click on the name of the parcel at the top of the screen. Click on the "i" to the left of the parcel's name to access the About Land window where you replace the parcel name and description:
  • The parcel name should be in the format: Faculty Office #X - RL instructor name (SL: SL avatar name)
    • Example: Faculty Office #1 - Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)
  • Replace the description with the text provided by the customer.
  • If the faculty member wants their office to show up in the Second Life Search, check that box on the Options tab under the "Any" category.

4. Open and edit the in Photoshop to add the faculty members' RL name, SL name, department and college. Upload the texture to Second Life. To edit the building, right-click on the structure. Choose Edit. Under the Object tab, click the lock checkbox to unlock the object for editing. Click the "Select face" radio button, then click on the face of the sign to edit only that texture. Under the Texture tab, select the texture you just uploaded to paste it on the appropriate sign prim on the outside of the office building in Second Life. Be sure to go back and relock (under the Object tab) when you're done, so the faculty member cannot accidentally edit the building itself.

5. Right-click and choose edit. Move the rotating "Reserve this office" prim in the office doorway underground so it can be re-used at a later date.

6. Create a landmark and send it to the instructor:
  • Stand in the doorway. From the World menu, select Landmark This Place.
  • In your inventory, if necessary, rename the landmark to the same name as the parcel name [e.g., "Faculty Office #1 - Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque)"].
  • Send a copy of the new landmark to the faculty member's SL avatar. (Click on the People tab. Search for the avatar's name. Create a second Inventory window so you can drag the landmark from your inventory to the faculty member's profile).
  • Then send him or her an IM with the following information:

Hello <First SL Name>! Your request for an office in the Faculty Village on the UC Second Life Virtual Campus has been processed and your office is now available for use. Please note that you are allowed 50 prims to personalize your space. To see how many prims you've used, you can click the Builders Permit on the bulletin board inside your new office. Before building, be sure to review the "Building Code for Land Parcels" policy on our web site at http://homepages.uc.edu/secondlife2/?page_id=132. If you have any questions, please let us know at secondlife@uc.edu. Thanks! <your SL name>

7. Send the Faculty Office Reservation email template to the email address the faculty member provided when they reserved their office. Be sure to customize the email with the information from Second Life.

8. Mark which tasks you have completed on the Reserve Land or Office Space Spreadsheet to indicate that the request has been processed.