To set up Flash Augmented Reality:

  • Download the FlarManager files here
  • Download FlashBuilder. Students and faculty can get a free license here
  • Be sure you have an updated version of the Flash Player
  • Put FlarManager/Deploy/FlarManager_v1_1_0 folder into a new folder you would like to use as the project folder (for organizational purposes)
  • Open FlashBuilder
  • Open project: FlarManager_v1_1_0
  • Print out the markers from folder: FlarManager_v1_1_0/resources/flarToolkit/patterns
  • Click Run, if all goes right you should get three errors. Right click them and choose recreate templates and run again

To change the 3D model:

change the file name/location to match your model and texture in the file

// texture and collada file for mario
private var Charmap:Class;
private var Charmesh:Class;

To designate which marker shows which model:

AR Tutorials:

(Intro: back-end programming)