Application Under Review

This template is to be sent in response to inquiries about an application already submitted for a student worker position, i.e. if the email says they already submitted an application and were wondering about the status of the job, etc.

Begin Template

Dear <Name>,

Thank you for your interest in a student worker position with the UC Second Life Project!

If your application has already been submitted through the "Jobs at UC" website, and you have not yet received an email, then your application is still under review by the hiring manager. You will be contacted by the hiring manager with more information after your application has been reviewed.

If you have not yet submitted a formal application through the "Jobs at UC" website, please see the position description on our website at and use the position number and link provided to complete your application. All applications must be submitted through the "Jobs at UC" website, and no applications, resumes, or other inquiries will be accepted via email.

Thank you again for your interest in working with our team.


<your name>

UC Second Life Project
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University of Cincinnati
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PO Box 210088
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0088

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